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Worry-free hair services for women with a lust for life.

Creating effortless confidence through a curated salon experience using lived-in color techniques and low-maintenance extension methods, so you can live your life to the fullest with healthy, luxurious hair. 

My mission is to offer quality hair services in a sustainable and healthy way. I am passionate about preventing the long-term damage that harsh chemicals can cause on your hair, scalp, and health. Each product I use or recommend at LivedIn Luxury is "green" or "non-toxic" – meaning it is free of harmful chemicals found in most personal care products on the market today. Each service that I offer is carbon neutral with a partnership with Green Circle Salon, an organization committed to offsetting 100% of its clients' personal emissions from salon operations. By choosing sustainable practices, I believe we can make big changes to our environment and ensure a healthier future for all.

Good for your hair. Good for you. Good for the planet.


People often ask me why I became a hairstylist. We can thank my mom for that. I had just graduated high school, and I didn't really know what I wanted out of a career. My mother suggested that I go to hair school. I've always been into beauty and fashion, but I never thought about going to hair school. I mean, I only got my haircut once a year, but the moment I shadowed a stylist, I was hooked.

Fast forward seven years, I carved out my niche — keeping things effortlessly natural adding fuel to the fire of my love for the art of hair and making everyone feel unwaveringly confident when they leave my chair. So for that, I am endlessly grateful to my mom for pushing me out of my comfort zone and leading me to create LivedIn Luxury.

What I'm all about

LivedIn Luxury isn't just a name. I'm committed to helping women live their every day lives feeling confident and beautiful with low-maintenance, long-wear hair styles without worrying about endless upkeep.

As a stylist, I pride myself in helping women embrace authenticity by enhancing their natural color with lived-in color techniques. To me, there’s no greater feeling than watching guests leave my chair feeling a renewed sense of confidence in their natural beauty.

My goal as a stylist is to empower women with confidence in their appearance and their choices by providing in-depth consultations and non-toxic products to ensure they achieve their hair goals without using damaging techniques or harmful chemicals.

Personalization is at the core of luxury. I strive to create a personable, laid back experience in a comfortable, one-on-one environment with in-depth consultations and customized approach to your hair goals, so every woman who sits in my chair feels cared for long after they leave it.

I believe in leaving the planet better than we found it. As a stylist, I am committed to minimizing waste in the beauty industry through sustainable practices and being a member of the Green Circle Salon Recycling Program.

At LivedIn Luxury, I only use and recommend non-toxic hair products because gorgeous hair doesn't have to involve harmful chemicals, and honestly it shouldn't. You can achieve your hair goals without worrying about the ingredient lists on your hair products.


Cats, obviously.

I believe that:

Every day should be a fashion show.

You'll catch me sipping on:

Dr. Pepper or decaf. I love coffee, but I already have too much energy.

I couldn't live without:

Music. Music brings people together in good times and bad. 

Get to Know Me Better

I spend my free time:

With my husband (plus our three cats and one dog) and my family.

I like to end the day with:

Reading a good book and eating something really delicious.

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I'm Teresa, the artist behind LIVEDIN LUXURY. I specialize in dimensional, lived-in color and extension services for women with a lust for life. My goal is to empower you with luxury hair services for effortless confidence and a low-maintenance lifestyle.